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The road to real change is a long and bloody one

  • datum:27/03
  • tijd:15:30 - 17:00
  • locatie:Cedla
  • adres:Keizersgracht 395-397, Amsterdam
  • kosten:Gratis

Mexican journalist Sergio Haro shares his experiences of being a reporter in the midst of Mexico’s drug war.

NALACS and CEDLA, in collaboration with Amnesty International, kindly invite you to a special meeting with Mexican journalist Sergio Haro as part of this year’s Movies that Matter Festival – A Matter of ACT (21-27 March, the Hague). Sergio Haro is the protagonist of the documentary Reportero (Bernardo Ruiz, 2012), which documents how reporters of the Mexican magazine Zeta risk their lives in the tireless fight against corruption and drug cartels. Sergio, who has been working as a reporter in the Baja California region for almost three decades, has firsthand experience with activist journalism amidst unceasing violent conflict, often involving the death of close colleagues, direct personal threats, and widespread impunity. This meeting aims to give students, academics, professionals and others interested in journalism, violence and corruption in Latin America and elsewhere the chance to listen to Sergio’s story and join him in a lively debate about the risky potential of journalism.

The meeting also features selected scenes from the documentary and closes with drinks.

Attendance is free, but please register with NALACS: