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TangoTrain Amsterdam

  • data:26/12 - 02/01
  • tijd:12:00 - 22:00
  • locatie:Centrum Amsterdam
We present to you for the first time in Amsterdam, a milonga-week at the last week of the year, combining the efforts and locations of a large number of Amsterdam organizers. 

A well filled program, giving you opportunity to dance from the early afternoon to early in the morning for seven days straight!

What do we offer:

– 7 days & nights with afternoon milongas, salons and after parties
– 22 organizers/tango schools/teachers joining forces
– 19 milongas with up to 18(!) hours dancing per day
– 10 remarkable locations, all with their own typical character
– 9 workshops to sharpen your dancing skills by renowned local and international teachers
– 2 days tango film festival with additional program 
– live music, performances, concerts and art exhibitions

The concept of the TangoTrain is to link (in part existing) salons for an entire week between Christmas and New Year, like the wagons of a train.