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Soy negra, soy marica, soy puta

  • datum:23/01
  • tijd:21:30
  • locatie:Molli Chaoot
  • adres:Van Ostadestraat 55, Amsterdam

Im black, im queer and i’m a whore – Portrait of a transwoman prostitute and human rights lawyer in colombia.

The makers of the this film will be present to talk about it afterwards.

Cas van der Pas:
“In 2012 Hugo Meijer and I made a documentary about a very special Colombian woman; Diana. Her days are completely filled with helping the people in her community. I have seen with my own eyes the problems her community faces, and that the people there can use -and deserve- support. They face much more complicated problems than we do here in Europe. She combines prostitution, human rights activism and her career as a lawyer to change the world around her into a better one.

Recently the film has been selected for the Bogotá Short Film Festival, here the film will have her official premiere.”

The molli will be one of the first places in europa that the movie will be screened after its premiere in Bogota.


At 19:00 there will be VoKu chez molli like always
After we will play the film.