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Recital for Sample, performance by Caco Pontes

  • datum:26/08
  • tijd:20
  • locatie:Teatro Munganga
  • adres:Schinkelhavenstraat 27 hs, Amsterdam

The Brazilian artist Caco Pontes, on his first tour in Europe, presents a solo authorial show bringing together creations in poetry and music, incorporating elements of performance and contemporary theatrical staging.

The tracks are triggered live through equipment that make up his research in sound art, with the use of samples, loops, programmed bases, and voice processing.

Caco Pontes is an intermedia artist of the word.
Author of 5 books, he participated in festivals and anthologies in Brazil and abroad. He has acted in several theater productions and audiovisual projects.

As musician, performer and sound artist, he has performed with Arrigo Barnabé, Ava Rocha, BNegão, Ermi Banzo, Karina Buhr, Nduduzo, Siba, Juçara Marçal, Otis Selimane, Edgar, KL Jay, Elisa Lucinda and Lirinha.

He produced and released literomusical records of Baião by Spokens, Stereotupi and Verso Móvel Sound System. He has compositions in partnership with Alice Ruiz, Ceumar, Jonathan Silva and Projetonave, the latter with whom he released the album “Órbita”.