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Noticias/Volg je maaltijd presenteren: masterclass ‘Green Criminology’

  • datum:18/04
  • tijd:19:30-21:30
  • locatie:De Rooie Rat
  • adres:Oude Gracht 65, Utrecht
  • kosten:Free

This month Volg je Maaltijd (the new project of organises two Masterclasses about land use and pesticide in Latin America.


Argentinean Professor D. Zaitch will elaborate on the case of land use in Brazil and Colombia. What is the link between food, land use and green criminology? He will inform you on the problems of our current food supply chain, starting with the use of land, herefor he will use concrete examples to illustrate these issues.


Prof. Zaitch is involved in a project which maps the land use change in two regions in Brazil and Colombia. Land-use change in these areas is related to different processes of exploitation of natural resources, such as the rapid expansion of sugar cane and soy monocultures and deforestation. In this project universities and NGO’s work together to strengthen local civil society and reclaim their rights.