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Kumbia Beats by Marco Bustamante

  • data:20/06 - 22/07
  • tijd:21:00 - 00:00
  • locatie:skybarantwerp
  • adres:Lange Kievitstraat 125, 2000 Antwerp

Kumbia Beats is the new project of the Latin rock group Sindicato Sonico’s guitar player. It’s a combination of traditional Cumbia, with Electro, Drums & Bass, Funk, Moombahton, Global Bass, Bolivian Folk, Rock, and Afro.

Marco Bustamante, born in Beni Bolivia, descendant from the Quechua culture, lived most of his life in his country but travelled around during the last 10 years as a musician. First experiences were with Native Bolivian folk music playing instruments like: charango, quena, zampoñas, pinquillos, tarkas,etc. Then he moved to the other extreme as a Dj of House, Funk, Disco and Electro Afro-Latin styles.

The latest years he has been active as the guitar player of de Latin Mariachi rock group Sindicato Sonico, settled in Antwerpen Belgium. He decided to put all of this experience in the new project called Kumbia Beats, that started two years ago by mixing all kind of songs shared in soundcloud and playing in pubs, clubs and festivals.

His new challenge is Kumbia Beats. Kumbia Beats played in Couleur Cafe, Pole Pole Beach in 2012. This year in Kokopelli Festival Live and Sfinxs Mixed on 27 july.

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