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(INK)TINTADOS in Mundana

  • data:04/07 - 21/08
  • locatie:Mundana
  • adres:Paardenmarkt 74, 2000 Antwerpen
The voices of poets — also known as sirens or sorcerers — guided us throughout a series of aesthetic encounters. Clarice Lispector, Violeta Parra, Marosa di Giorgio among others, inspired us to translate word into image through the filter of our own identity and migration backgrounds. 

Discover the artwork done during the project ‘Art(e) for Community Building’:

Karla Peña 
Sonia Benedetti
Janina Maya Mejías
Rosa Myrtha Vercammen fortuna 
Amina Madar 
Gregory Berneri
Jitske Wadman 
Anaïs Marchand

‘Art(e) for Community Building’ is a project in collaboration with Fameus and Stad Antwerpen.