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girls of the favela funk

  • datum:28/05
  • tijd:20:00
  • locatie:Crea
  • adres:Nieuwe Achtergracht 170

A documentary about love and relationships in the world of favela funk, popular music from Rio de Janeiro’s favelas.

Favela funk is pornographic music, describing sex in an explicit way. The music is not played on the radio or tv, as it’s accused of inciting porn and prostitution. However, in the favelas where the state is generally absent and drugs gangs often rule, favela funk is played everywhere.

The documentary aims to find the correlation between favela funk lyrics and the personal, daily (love) lives of these girls. As ‚Girls of Favela Funk’ is shot in a favela that is dominated by a big drugs gang, their lives are embedded in a lawless subculture of violence and sex. These tough circumstances have formed the girls’ perspectives on matters as favela funk, love and relationships.