Latin America Magazine.

“Erosion” by Mexican photographer César López

  • data:15/10 - 16/11
  • tijd:Open on weekdays from 10.00-17.00
  • locatie:CEDLA
  • adres:Keizersgracht 395-397, Amsterdam

The young Mexican artist César López started his project Erosion in 2008 from a gestural exercise of rehabilitated houses and their process of deconstruction or demolition. By composing the scene and constructing the decoration of living rooms and bathrooms, he constructed his photographic records. This act reflects on how often we insist on returning to things as they were before, to live in a continuous nostalgia. Erosion is the physical answer to the feeling that memories arouse.

This exposition was part of the collective Latin American exposition Encubrimientos on the International Photography Biennial GRID2012.

César López (1977) is a photographer and visual artist from Puebla, Mexico. He has received various awards and wide recognition for his work. The last of these was that his work was chosen to represent Mexico on the International Photography Biennial GRID2012. Cedla’s exposition curator was present during GRID, where she met the artist and arranged for the exposition to come to Cedla after the biennial. César is up for any correspondence with visitors and students interested in his photography and the themes it touches on. So don’t hesitate to visit his website and contact him.